Field Reliability Evaluations

PV systems are unique in design, installation and location.  As such, each system will likely have unique aging and performance degradation characteristics. For example, a system installed near a body of salt-water may age differently relative to a system installed in an inland location. ASU-PRL has been performing field reliability evaluations across the United States and as of date has evaluated over 50 Utility owned/operated PV powerplants in various climatological regions of continental United States (Hot-dry, Temperate, Cold-dry and Hot-humid). The environmental stresses vary by the climatological region and some failure mechanisms are more predominant than the others.

ASU-PRL is equipped to perform safety and performance inspections  like visual inspection, diode failure check, IR scanning, UV & EL imaging, IV measurements for strings and modules, inverter power quality analysis, FTIR for backsheets, etc.


Performing by-pass diode failure check.

Infra-red scan to identify hot-spot issues.

IV curve measurement.